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Greetings 41’ers, 

My name is Sean Trautmann and I am the 2018/2019 Round Table Southern Africa President. I come from Round Table Potchefstroom 47 in the STNOFS Area and have been a proud member for the last 13 years. I’m married to Jaclyn (the reasonSean Trautman people tolerate me) and am blessed with two beautiful children Joshua (6) and Olivia (3)

It is a great honour to serve as the Association President and it is also very overwhelming that you have asked me to address the 41’er Association.

Allow me to share some of the current Association council’s vision and plans for the year.

Association councils from before have succeeded in creating the Round Table brand that we can be proud of today. Round Table now, is more relevant in our ever changing society.

It has become the place where young men can get together and discuss the forever changing social landscape of our Country and improve their communities, while growing as a person and finding fellowship. Our Round Table movement ticks all the boxes for those young men out there with a sense of personal growth in an environment that allows them to do so. The business world is starting to listen when we speak. The drinking club stigma is breaking away, in most parts of our association. We are being taken seriously as young businessmen and professionals.

Winter Knights has become a huge success over the years and gets bigger and better every year. The hard work has paid off and we have partnered with Toyota and Radio Jacaranda and in Namibia Radiowave. The Gentlemen from Namibia have raised N$ 1, 300, 00.00 so far and are still going. We are in the middle of our Winter Knights campaign and I know at the end of it we as Round Table Southern Africa would have made a major impact to our respective communities. 

Our Branding and marketing is something we pride ourselves in. Arno Kotze (Pretoria 136) (branding and strategic planning) and Alex Gous (Northridge 117) (public relations officer) or as we know them “The Dream Team” are doing a stellar job. They run Round Table radio every second Tuesday on mixFM on DSTV channel 823. It’s a great show and showcases what Round Table is about, interviews with members and upcoming projects around Southern Africa. We market Round Table as a brand and take care of it. We do so through our various social media platforms. From Association to Area to Table level each has a Facebook, WhatsApp group and most a website as well. These platforms work great for intra communication amongst members, highlighting our projects to the respective communities and showing the fellowship that Round Table has to offer a young man. Our theme for the year is #alloutcompassion #alloutfellowship #totalroundtable

On the International front RTSA has become a key player in the International Tabling circles. In the last 3 years alone we have had an International Tabler of the year in Jacques Visagie from Potchefstroom 47. Nominations for Association of the year and last year we won the award for best magazine in the form of the Inkundla (again Jacques Visagie). Our International Relations Officer, Alex Mc Arthur (Sani 152) has been working very hard over the last year and a half. Not only has he arranged many new twinning agreements but has also worked on a lot of donations and twinning projects. RTSA is respected in the RTI community because of our decorum and Table knowledge at the various international meetings.

One of our main goals this year will be is to release a Round Table Southern Africa App for smartphones. Our Association Secretary Jacques Rowe (Pretoria 136) has been working on this extremely hard. Once up and running not only will it serve as a directory but you will be able to do reporting on it as well as extract any Table related documents as needed.

Our Association Vice President Alan Malan (Alex/Kenton 210) has put a lot of time and effort in our membership. We have shifted our focus onto membership retention. If we can maintain a member without resigning until the age limit then we will start showing growth. We will do so by keeping Joe Tabler happy, involved and informed.

In Closing, every year we offer up 40 year old gentlemen to the 41’ers if they so choose. He comes to you a developed professional or business man. He will forever offer an excellent medium of service to his community. He will have the highest ideals in business, professional and civic traditions. He will be a responsible citizen with so many life skills to offer. He was adopted into the fellowship of Round Table where he learnt to adapt to the many different aspects of this wonderful association and aided his community. He left an improved man. I ask you 41’ers in return. Offer up the young men you might know that could be part of the Round Table movement. It could be a young man working at your business or practice. It could be a Son, nephew, cousin or friend. Round Table has changed all of our lives no matter how long or short your journey was. Let’s network together to give more young men the opportunity to do so that one day they may join your 41’er Association and discover the hinges of friendship that never rust and the chains of fellowship that bind us together, remain unbroken.

Yours in Table,

Sean Trautmann

RTSA President 2018/2019




Sean Trautman



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